Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Script Supervision and Continuity Course Handbook


The Script Supervision and Continuity Course Handbook is the comprehensive guide to the weekend course taught in London and Toronto by J. Timothy Hunt. It contains exhaustive details of all the topics presented in the course, as well as many illustrations, charts, work examples, and all the blank forms needed to begin work as a script supervisor in film and television.

Killing Time in Taos


An artist colony in Taos, New Mexico, has an unexpected vacancy to fill, and a young painter is offered the first major residency of his career. A few days after his arrival, this young artist discovers the reason such an opportunity became available – when he stumbles upon the corpse of the artist who preceded him. This gay-themed crime novel is the first murder mystery from award-winning writer J. Timothy Hunt, author of the acclaimed non-fiction thriller “The Politics of Bones.”